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About Our School

Founded in 2004, PUC Lakeview Charter Academy – a WASC Accredited School – has a proud tradition of excellence. Lakeview students are Warriors. Everyday students come to school prepared to learn and excel in their work. Students are productive and professional as they engage in their daily core classes of English, history, science and math. At PUC, we believe that physical education and the arts are critical in developing students to be leaders in their community. Scholars have the opportunity to take physical education throughout their middle school career. From 6th to 8th grade, they have a chance to experience dance, visual art, music and theatre. These experiences are exemplified in student performances throughout the year.

When you walk into the main office at Lakeview Charter Academy, one of the first things you will notice is that the trophy display shelf is overflowing. Lakeview Warriors have the opportunity to play a variety of sports including soccer, volleyball, softball, and basketball. The school’s All Stars dance team has continued to place first in city and statewide competitions. The students at Lakeview have the opportunity to participate in clubs like Student Leadership, Gentlemen’s Association, and the Wonder Woman’s Club. There is something for everyone to be involved at Lakeview Charter Academy as students work towards academic success while uplifting their communities now and forever.

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